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At Storyzon, the process is every bit as important as the outcome. To walk down memory lane takes courage and trust. We honor that commitment by listening deeply and with empathy, and by providing intelligent, skillful support. Reviewing one's life is not always easy, but it almost always is cathartic and in the end deeply satisfying. It's your chance to have a lasting voice. 


First, let's meet and talk. We want to make sure that we fully understand what you have in mind and how we can best go about it. We'll discuss objectives, scope, timelines, and budget, and we'll talk about any concerns or questions you may have. Everybody's individual circumstances are different, and the goal is to customize the process so that it perfectly fits your vision.


The interviews are a particularly important part of the process because they tend to be so emotionally rich and rewarding. It's key that our clients are completely at ease, and so we usually conduct the interviews in their private homes and at times that are most conducive to a relaxed focus. An average interview session lasts between one and three hours. A memoir typically requires ten to twenty interview sessions.


Every interview is recorded and then transcribed. The recordings are important not just as the basis for the subsequent process but also as a souvenir: few things in life are as moving as listening to the voice of a departed loved one who talks about the things that mattered most in life.


Conducting an interview is an art that requires skill, experience, and intuition. At Storyzon, we never use ready-made questionnaires or follow premade scripts. Each session is tailored to the specific circumstances of a client, and is refined in response to previous answers. The questions we ask are specific enough to elicit memories while at the same time open enough to allow for associations. The arc of each interview session is specifically designed to be sensitive to the emotional underpinnings of a given topic. 


The interviews offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to relive and reflect, to pay tribute, to celebrate, and to share what we cherish most.


Based on the interview sessions, we then begin to craft your story.

We organize the material chronologically, identify the various narrative threads, and then begin to build the story arc. Equally important, we hone and fine-tune the narrative voice until it seamlessly matches your personal style and tone, until it is entirely "you".


At any point, you can participate by reviewing and editing the content. This is your story, and you are in full control of the content.

At Storyzon, we pride ourselves in not simply rendering a well-polished version of your story; we also lay open and weave together its personal, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings. We want to create a tableau that feels both intimate and rich.


Once our client has read, reviewed, and signed off on the content, our award-winning art director creates a preliminary text layout that incorporates photos, letters, and any other visual elements that add richness to the story. Only after a client has had a chance to fully review the layout is the manuscript prepared for production.


Storyzon works only with only the best printers and binders in America. We give our clients free rein when it comes to selecting paper, format, color, type of binding or any other production-related aspect- no restrictions.


We also provide full print supervision to ensure a seamless integration of the design and the production phases. 


Our clients tell us how many copies of the book they wish to order, if they want it published online, or whether they would like it to be offered through a third-party publisher. We will try to work with any idea you may have.


We strongly recommend unveiling your book at a festive public event. This is a major accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated!


Storyzon provides premier service, skilled writing, award-winning design, and a high-end production process. Our company’s primary objective is to create books that our clients are proud to pass on. Quality of this caliber isn’t inexpensive.

Yet, Storyzon will work within your financial framework. We achieve this by using a pricing model that guarantees financial transparency and clean budgeting: we base our fees on the number of interview hours. The amount of interview time, typically ten to twenty hours, determines how much material will need to be processed.

Our clients appreciate this model because they know up front what costs will be involved.

You may opt for an even higher level of customization—from commissioning a family oil painting to creating coffee-table editions to writing your story as a novel. Your imagination is the limit.

Any contract includes a minimum of at least ten books. (More copies can be provided at production cost.)

You get what you pay for, and at Storyzon, the results speak for themselves.

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