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Jurgen mollers and his daughter


Jurgen lives in the Bay Area with his eight-year old daughter who he adores and frequently writes about. His passion for storytelling is based on a deep appreciation for the miraculous unfolding of our lives. Jurgen holds a Ph.D. in literature and philosophy, and he has lived and worked in several European countries before coming to the US. He founded Storyzon in 2002 and has since written and published more than fifty books.

Kristen Essink


Kristen holds a degree in English literature from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and did additional graduate work at the University of Washington before launching two businesses on her own. She not only brings her experience as a writer and group facilitator to the company but also her organizational and team building skills. Kristen is both a project and program manager at Storyzon and coordinates most operational and personnel processes.



A wordsmith from an early age, Rachel began her professional career poring over department store ads as a proofreader for Macy’s in San Francisco. This job, as well as her participation in UC Berkeley Extension’s Professional Sequence in Copyediting, provided her with a great foundation in nitpickyness. A freelance copy editor/proofreader since 1999, she works on everything from retail catalogs and web copy to magazines, nonfiction books, and cookbooks.

Andreas Jones


Andreas is a graphic designer who has lived in the Bay Area for over two decades. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from UC Berkeley, where he specialized in etching and lithography and created limited-edition art books. Over the last 12 years he has been art director of several publications, including the East Bay Monthly and the MacArthur Metro. He is currently the principal graphic designer for the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra.

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