"All art is autobiographical,

the pearl is the oyster's autobiography."

F. Fellini

To create a strong narrative, you need strong storytelling. Just like a pearl is composed of many layers, so is your life story. And just like the pearl's beauty and sheen is a function of the light refracting among these layers, so is the magic of your memoir a function of the interplay of its many biographical layers.

To capture this magic requires depth, vision and skill. Storyzon books render the  essence of a person's life in a way that is engaging and captivating, bringing to light its unique sheen.





A life story is never just about one person, it is

part of the larger story about the time, the events

that took place, and the communities this person

helped to shape. For many of us, our life has become the soil from which our family culture grows.

Sharing our story means nourishing that soil with

our attention, our experiences, and our love.

A strong narrative is the single most

important thing to honor our community and provide roots for our family.



Marge Piercy

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