Michael Saltman

“Storyzon did a phenomenal job. The project was unusual and required great sensitivity. The result is a book that’s as clean and beautiful as a gem and as moving as a love story. ”

Kirsten Brockman

“Jurgen Mollers and his talented staff were remarkable. They are an exceptional and expert group of writers, historians, editors and graphic designers. After losing my Mom, her life story is our treasure. I can't imagine allowing my mom a greater gift during the last chapters of her life, and a greater gift for the family and friends who loved my mom. Her book contains the magic we all wish to hold, preserve and carry on. Thank you, Jurgen/Storyzon, for a book that fills my heart with happiness. ”

Jerry Overaa

“The book turned out great ... the story flows well, and the photos and memorabilia make it visually rich. Fabulous!”

Dave Kruse

“As a third-generation family business, the history of our family and our company are closely intertwined; combining our father’s life story with the company’s history felt natural. And yet, seeing it all come together in a book was more moving and meaningful than we anticipated. Storyzon did wonderful work.”

Jolyn Swanson

“You made Granny feel very special AND you outdid yourself on the book. It exceeded all my expectations—simply outstanding! I am so thrilled with everything. ”

Michael Swertfager

“My grandfather really enjoyed the interview process, but when I saw him for the first time looking at the finished book, when I saw his emotions looking at the photos and reading about his parents and about how he met his wife, my grandmother--only then did I understand the impact the biography had on him. I am very grateful to Storyzon.”

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